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Innovating for Tomorrow's Metaverse
For over 15 years, Sine Wave Entertainment has led metaverse innovation, starting with OpenSim, the open-source virtual world standard. We focus on solving complex challenges with unique, cutting-edge solutions.
Revolutionizing Enterprise Virtual Experiences
Introduced in 2020, Breakroom is an ISO27001 certified platform that transforms enterprise virtual experiences. It's a secure space for interactive learning, virtual meetings, and collaboration, integrated with key business tools like SAML, enhancing professional communication and cognitive skills.
Our Mission And Vision
We strive to deliver innovative solutions for personal and professional virtual experiences, creating advanced yet intuitive environments. Our London-based team of 50 is dedicated to making the metaverse more accessible and beneficial for all.
Our Team
Adam Frisby
A seasoned expert with 25 years in the virtual world domain, Adam Frisby is the visionary behind projects like OpenSimulator, Azure Islands, and DeepThink, propelling innovation in virtual worlds.
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